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Education & Events

Our Education and Events Board contains links to further education opportunities and relevant upcoming events.  

Cybersecurity, Information Security, Cloud Security &  Ethical Hacking Training

Fortify Institute offers cybersecurity, information security, cloud security and ethical hacking training to those starting their careers or building their careers in cybersecurity.

Fortify are generously offering a free "Cybersecurity for SMEs - The Basics" course for Out of the Blue followers.  Just enter the code OOTB when purchasing the course. 

Thinking of a career in Cybersecurity but don't know where to start?  Read the following blog: Cybersecurity Training and Education in Ireland – Where do I start?


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Safety & Health at Work

UCD Centre for Safety & Health at Work is an award-winning academic centre within the School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science.  


The Certificate in Safety and Health at Work is an introduction to a comprehensive range of topics relating to safety and health in the workplace including: legislation; risk and safety management; identification of physical, chemical, psycho-social, and ergonomic hazards; occupational health hazard management and occupational safety hazard management.

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