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Meet our Coaching Team

We have put together a panel of highly qualified and respected coaches. They all bring something unique to the table, whether it be resilience and mental health coaching or career and life coaching.  They are all available for individual coaching.  


Russell O'Brien
Mental Skills, Leadership & Resilience Coach

Russell is a high-performance leadership and resilience coach. He specialises in the role personality plays in enabling and limiting our success and happiness in work and life.


With over 30 years of experience building and leading teams, his innovative and unique approach to coaching delivers a deeper understanding of how and why we think and behave the way we do. Knowledge is one thing; however, taking control and changing lifetime thoughts and behavioral patterns is another.

Russell works with individuals and groups to quickly build self-confidence, motivation and personal resilience, especially during times of change and uncertainty.  He is a qualified neuro-coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. 


Maria Cunningham
Career Coach

Maria is an experienced career coach specialising in guiding individuals through career advancement, transitions, and active retirement. With a proven track record, Maria provides personalised strategies to help clients excel in their current roles, navigate career changes, and retire with purpose. Combining expertise and empathy, Maria is your dedicated ally for unlocking your full professional potential. Elevate your career journey with a coach committed to your success.


Alan Conlon
Life Coach

Alan Conlon is a Life Coach with a passion for helping others. He was a member of An Garda Síochána for almost 13 years with a vast range of experience. He knows first-hand the challenges that Gardaí face daily. 


During his time in An Garda Síochána he had to look at his own wellbeing and mindset and how it was being impacted by dealing with difficult circumstances and challenging environments. After serious consideration Alan decided to leave.

What will I do? How will I earn money? What if I'm making a big mistake? I was just a Garda what else can I do? These are the questions that played around in Alan’s mind. 

Through his growth mindset he softened the noise of doubt and trusted and believed in himself to achieve all that he needed to. “That doesn't happen overnight but with the right coaching you can put yourself in a position to face fear and back yourself”, says Alan. 


Alan has taken on many physical challenges which has shaped who he is today. His proudest moment was completing five marathons in five days raising money for the Little Blue Heroes charity.

Alan is a big believer in challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  He takes a very practical approach to coaching which he finds is very effective. 

Everything we want is on the other side of fear.

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