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Career Horizons Expo

Ireland's only Career Fair for Emergency Services & Millitary Personnel coming up to retirement
Networking | Recruitment | Upskilling

Cork date to be announced soon!

Guiding you through the Next Steps of Success

Embark on a transformative journey of possibilities at the Career Horizons Expo - a meticulously crafted event designed to guide individuals approaching retirement through seamless career transitions.
As you stand at the crossroads of your service journey, let us be your compass, navigating you through your next steps.  This expo transcends a mere exhibition; it is a celebration of triumphs, a hub of opportunities, and a bridge to future success.    

Discover your Next Chapter

Explore diverse career paths, engage in upskilling consultations, and connect with stalls showcasing recruitment opportunities. The Career Horizons Expo is your comprehensive guide, ensuring you navigate the transition from service to success with confidence and empowerment

Empowering your Journey

Expert speakers will share valuable insights, networking opportunities will unfold, and success stories will inspire. This expo is not just about what you've done; it is about what you can become.

Celebrate your Triumphs

Let The Out of The Blue Career Horizons Expo be the stepping stone to your future triumphs. Navigate the beginning of your new career horizons with confidence, knowledge, and a network of support.

For Exhibitors

Exhibitions are unlike any other form of advertising, promotion or recruitment campaign. The Out of the Blue Career Horizons Expo gives you an opportunity to meet face to face with your customers.  It is a truly unique opportunity to showcase your products and services, promote your brand, network with industry key players, generate sales or recruitment leads through face-to-face interaction with people who are coming to the Career Horizons Expo with real purpose. 

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